Ape was a 19 year old extremely hairy Neanderthal that was banished by his troop. He was literally the European Bigfoot.

One day Ape was searching for food when he noticed a charred Barbary Macaque. The Neanderthal grabbed a knife he stole from a human and used it to butcher the primate carcass. He began eating some of the organs and meat when he noticed another lone Neanderthal, albeit less hairy but older, approaching him. This Neanderthal's name was Goeng. Ape greeted Goeng when a mad Aurochs appeared and chased both new friends off. Ape was now alone again by a cliff. 

After a while Ape found Goeng again and they both ate a recently killed Aurochs. The two Neanderthals then talked for a while when Ape noticed some smoke in the distant. Fire. Ape was lead to Goeng's tribe and they where beaten until the tribe noticed the dead Aurochs. However one was very resentful and stuffed both Neanderthals into the dead Aurochs. The carcass was set on fire and thrown off a cliff.

Ape flew down a steep cliff and then CRACK! The Neanderthal defecated in shock and pain and struggled to stand up. Blood flowed out of his head but Ape noticed some monkeys beating up and biting Goeng. Ape screamed at the creatures but they chased after him now. Taylor screamed at the frightened Ape and leaped onto him but the Neanderthal was not strong enough to carry her and collapsed into a river. Both primates gasped and struggled for air when they noticed a waterfall ahead. They defecated in shock and fell to their doom.