BingBingBingBingBingBingBingBingBINGBANGBONGBONGBONGBANGBANG was an elderly bull Indian elephant who lived in the jungles of the Nagarhole National Park. He wasn't very intelligent for an elephant, and he had spooked quite easily, even crushing a monitor lizard whose tail had been stepped on by BingBing himself. His stupidity even caused him to charge direcly into a tree, and he even ignored the encrusted mouse entrails that had dried up under his front left foot.

Though not on the bright side, he was very territorial. He pummeled a few illegal loggers to their deaths, even one who had wielded a shotgun. The man made a mistake of injuring a mongoose who died a gruesome death. 

Later, he fought a Bengal tigress by the name of Ting. After a violent battle, the feline's skull had been crushed by the immense force of BingBing's feet. However, Mr. Ophiophagus finished the elephant off after BingBing failed to avoid the snake.

This elephant's appearance was based on Ranchipur, an Asian elephant bull living at the San Diego Zoo.