Chris Christie is an extremely obese old European Wild Boar from the same troop as Trump and Cruz. Obviously Chris Christie is always hungry.

An innocent moth flew around the area before it was snatched and eaten by Chris Christie. Behind the eating boar, Donald Trump went into conflict with Ted Cruz and CJ Pearson when suddenly they smelled something. The immigrants. A herd of Sus houi that were fleeing trouble and famine in their home were now peaceful. Donald Trump angrily grunted and rallied his herd for war. He will kill them all but before he could start a random Wild Boar in the herd named Garrison wildly squealed at Trump. The plans changed. They'll rape and kill all the immigrants instead.

Despite the rallying for war Chris Christie walked into the forest in search of food. He grunted as he lazily moved his limbs forwards towards a mammoth carcass. 

However something else caught Christie's attention. A few humans had created their village under a rock overhang and were butchering a few rabbits. Unfortunately today they probably won't taste the tiny mammals with Chris Christie charging into their village. Then Chris Christie ate a large slab of cooked meat. However the hominids weren't pleased and tossed rocks at the giant hog. However the slab of meat didn't satisfy Chris Christie and he bit into the head of a nearby human, causing it to defecate in shock. Chris Christie continued to eat when a rockslide came. The poor hog defecated in shock as rocks fell down and broke his back. After a while nothing was visible of the poor Wild Boar.