DokiDokiDOKIDOKI was a Laughing kookaburra who frequently visited nearby human settlement among the gum forests. His life was often told via lyrics from an Australian children's song, Kookaburra. His love interest was TEEKAHTEEKAH (who died choking on a hot dog, don't tell Doki though), and he was accompanied by Okir, a pied currawong. DokiDokiDOKIDOKI's favorite food was a shred of bacon.

His worst enemy was a Sulphur-crested cockatoo named Gongoo, who beat the living shit out of DokiDokiDOKIDOKI. Okir had saved his ass by gouging his beak into the cockatoo's eyes, and the duo escaped.

DokiDokiDOKIDOKI's future however didn't seem too bright, as his foot had been punctured by a rusty nail. Tetanus followed afterwords and he died.