Donald Trump was an old European Wild Boar with messy hair from Ice Age Europe. He leads a troop that fights immigrant wild pigs.

An innocent moth flew around the area before it was snatched and eaten by Chris Christie. Behind the eating boar, Donald Trump went into conflict with Ted Cruz and CJ Pearson when suddenly they smelled something. The immigrants. A herd of Sus houi that were fleeing trouble and famine in their home were now peaceful. Donald Trump angrily grunted and rallied his herd for war. He will kill them all but before he could start a random Wild Boar in the herd named Garrison wildly squealed at Trump. The plans changed. They'll rape and kill all the immigrants instead.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz were soon surrounding the immigrants, ready to kill and do things. Then the troop fought the immigrants. Too bad a few humans set the place on fire. Ignoring the flames Donald Trump proudly led his troop in the battle before eating an innocent immigrant wild pig. The young pig defecated in shock as the Wild Boar's teeth sliced it in half. 

He continued to charge and impale more and more of the wild pigs, trampling and eating various of the piglets. Garrison raped some of the wild pigs when Trump saw CJ Pearson whining because Ted Cruz was gone. The old Wild Boar defecated in shock before charging at Pearson and grabbing hold of the younger boar's snout. As Trump continued to slam Pearson's head onto a tree branch the flames grew closer and closer.
When Trump was finally done the flames were very close so Donald Trump rammed into Pearson's limp body and sent the younger Wild Boar tumbling down a hill into the fire. CJ Pearson could only defecate in shock before he died. Then Trump began to ram the immigrant wild pigs into the fire as well when shouts were heard. Rocks were pelted at Trump's Wild Boar herd, sending them all into panic. One human flung a particularly large rock at Trump, sending the old "wise" boar defecating in shock as he tumbled towards the fire. Trump defecated in shock again as he screamed in agony. His whole body was soon fuel for the flames.