Goeng was a Neanderthal who lived back in the Pleistocene somewhere in Europe. He, though the elder member of his tribe, was treated like shit. Being cowardly, he often hid during hunts and revolts, including when some "modern" humans had kidnapped their females for themselves. He had been beaten down by the other male Neanderthals.

He developed an elaborate plan to burn down the human village, and even rescue the females back as well as kidnapping the human females. After gaining the mammoths' trust and pissing off certain animals, the village had been destroyed, and all humans except for the females were killed by either Neanderthal or other animals themselves. Goeng however ditched the tribe, and was beaten shitless again.

Goeng later met Ape, a very hairy Neanderthal who had been banished by their tribe. JARMJARM's charred carcass had been found by the hominids, and they dragged the corpse back to Goeng's tribe. Everyone but one was happy, and that certain male had angrily stuffed both Goeng and Ape into that carcass and proceeded to throw JARMJARM's body off a cliff.