Hogster was a feral pig who lived in either North or South Carolina, God who in the hell knows. He was a jerk to other hogs, even almost attacking another pig because he'd been lucky with a sow and he wasn't. He had been distracted by some scattered corn, however, and he and some other unlucky pigs had been corraled into a hog trap.

Carnage began as soon as the gates dropped, trapping all the swines inside. They frantically ran and excreted in fear, and a few unfortunate piglets were even trampled over or even stepped on. Hogster damaged his snout from constantly crashing into the gate, and he suffered a very, very damaged skull. To add more to the terror, each pig had been gunned down one-by-one.

Hogster had been the last hog to be shot, and he probably made a nice Thanksgiving ham.