Joob Joob is a Lambeosaurine Hadrosaur from what would be Hell Creek but in an alternate dimension. He's obviously a jerk that lives in a feces ridden swamp and was a former enemy of Ocean Man. However the two hadrosaurs teamed up to fight an obnoxious magical and stupid Tyrannosaurus named Red Tooth. After the great fight the two hadrosaurs entered a field of prehistoric cannabis and entered a hunger spree and euphoria, they thought Red Tooth was a deinonychus. The cannabis however soothed Joob Joob's ailing stomach and removed his intestinal worms via defecation. Unfortunately Red Tooth was nearby and the pair smelled him and fled into a crystal clear beach. The two hadrosaurs relaxed before meeting Red Tooth once again and submerging him under tons of rocks and sand. However Red Tooth survived and ate Joob Joob, as well as accidentally pushing Ocean Man towards a cliff where the hadrosaur fell to his death. And thus was the end of Joob Joob's story.