Louisiana was a rather stout and old, 46 years to be exact, chimp that lived in Yob Yob's troop. Louisiana however was an expert in the huge importance of the vitamins and proteins found in the brains, livers, and tongues of other animals, unfortunately none of the other chimps believed him. He was also the first chimp to see the correlation between the viewing of Bonobo porn and chimp rapists. After fighting in the Chimp and Bonobo War, Louisiana found a warehouse full of strange creatures and changed. The chimp found a gun and shot at multiple animals, killing and injuring some including a human known as Pet Pet Name II. However in the process he shot one of the troop's oldest members, DorRor, and got hit by a rock thrown by the elder. Louisiana, not tolerating DorRor's rock throw, beat DorRor to death with the gun. However Yob Yob got angry at Louisiana and a fight started between both chimps. Before Louisiana could shoot Yob Yob, Oh Oh had scared off the rest of the chimps and squashed Louisiana.