An expert of technology in YobYob's troop, RemRem is a clever Common Chimpanzee who knows many things. He has brought the chimps onto a motor boat which he has driven into a city, Once there the chimps raided the market place, an impoverished pet store, and fought with poachers. They soon escaped after the poachers urinated in shock when their shack was burned by angry villagers. Thanks to RemRem's cunning nature, the troop has fished for catfish during a flood and hunted for hippos on a beach. However a group of chimps following RemRem have gotten onto a ship heading for Miami and got to a plane heading for Seattle. A heavy loss of chimps came when RemRem crashed a plane into the Seattle Space Needle. Fortunately RemRem had leaped off the plane before it crashed and was sent back to the Congo.