Rueben was a large, hulking feral pig who accompanies the much slimmer and lightly-built Swine, another feral pig. Swine meanwhile is a very slim pig, a great friend of Rueben. Yes, it's spelled "Rueben", not "Reuben". Get it right. Anyhow, Rueben had terrorized a Publix store, a gas station (the place eventually exploded, we'll go into detail soon) and even a zoo. People tried desperately to kill both animals, often resulting in failure (an animal control officer had mistakingly shot a gas tank instead of the hogs, causing the gas station to explode). They terrorized Miami over a course of a few days.

They've even ravaged a motel out in the Everglades, and unfortunately the same place eventually became destroyed even more (one by an escaped pet chimpanzee, a few coyotes and some others). Rueben has encountered and eaten many animals. Some of these include: feral kittens, a young Burmese python, an injured swallow-tailed kite, a lot of dogs, even a feral rhesus macaque. Pastimes included destroying gardens, attacking small animals and trashing whole buildings.

Unfortunately, on the way to Orlando, both pigs were eventually tracked down by animal control, and a man had terrorized Swine, Rueben's comrade. He made a mistake however, and instead pissed off the hog even more, eventually becoming mauled to death.  Rueben had gotten trapped in a semi trailer, until he bashed out and barrel-rolled on the highway. However, a speeding vehicle crashed right into the pig. One semi truck managed to avoid Rueben's corpse, but swerved and fell onto its side, crushing poor Swine as well.

UPDATE: Believe it or not, not sure about Swine yet, but Rueben apparently didn't die from the accident, but rather escaped and hid in the woods for a good while.