Ted Cruz is an old European Wild Boar with a sweet little baby face to get other boars away from Trump. He is in the same troop as Trump and has an avid supporter named CJ Pearson. He hates Trump for not thinking he's a European Wild Boar.

An innocent moth flew around the area before it was snatched and eaten by Chris Christie. Behind the eating boar, Donald Trump went into conflict with Ted Cruz and CJ Pearson when suddenly they smelled something. The immigrants. A herd of Sus houi that were fleeing trouble and famine in their home were now peaceful. Donald Trump angrily grunted and rallied his herd for war. He will kill them all but before he could start a random Wild Boar in the herd named Garrison wildly squealed at Trump. The plans changed. They'll rape and kill all the immigrants instead.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz were soon surrounding the immigrants, ready to kill and do things. Then the troop fought the immigrants. Too bad a few humans set the place on fire. Ignoring the flames Donald Trump proudly led his troop in the battle before eating an innocent immigrant wild pig. The young pig defecated in shock as the Wild Boar's teeth sliced it in half. 

Ted Cruz noticed smoke in the distance and ran off like any coward. However an angry member of the troop of immigrant wild pigs slammed his tusks into Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz defecated in shock as blood squirted out of his body and Cave Hyenas surrounded him. The carnivores then laughed as the immigrant wild pig ran off the Ted Cruz the Wild Boar tried limping away. The hyenas didn't wait and tore off chunks of flesh off the suffering animal. Ted Cruz defecated in shock before he died from the shock of the hyenas and blood/organ loss.