Tembo Wembo Membo Jembo Hembo Kembo Bembo was a bull African bush elephant tusker who ravaged the savannahs of Zimbabwe. For unknown reasons, he had a drive to kill many animals he glanced his eyes upon. Victims included: some ostrich eggs, a leopard, a baboon, a few cheetah cubs, a giraffe calf, a younger bull elephant, and even a black mamba, who later killed Tembo himself.

He chased off a few tourists riding on some Jeeps, but that's something else.

Tembo Wembo Membo Jembo Hembo Kembo Bembo had accidentally stepped on a black mamba, and as a result the snake sunk his fangs into the pachyderm. The elephant trampled the mamba, but the venom had taken effect. He tumbled down a steep cliff to his death.

He has a distant relative who goes by the name of Nana, and unlike Tembo, Nana does not share the terrible pleasure of killing animals as her cousin or whatever did.

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