YOURBOUR was a vagrant cackling goose who lived with a flock of Canada geese somewhere, probably Michigan. His life had been a wild one, being the past few days before his death. His flock had somehow wandered into a high school, and the Homecoming football game had been going on. Many people were injured and/or killed as the geese flew around, wreaking havoc. One crashed into a pyramid of cheerleaders, while another had been trapped inside a snack booth and created quite a mess.

Animal control came, guns and all, but one officer had mistakingly shot a student in the head, killing one teen. Pandaemonium struck throughout the stadium as more students on the top of their bleachers fell to their deaths, their minds swollen with paranoia. A mega-flock of grackles had also contributed to the chaos. The geese eventually found a way into the school building and caused a few more casualties by mistake. They rested in the swimming pool, where someone had foolishly left the doors open, and to make things worse, a huge thunderstorm was in session.

The next morning was a normal day for the waterfowl, and it was spent grazing and pooping on the fields until later that night. The geese came back for Round 2! The birds somehow entered into the building, and surprisingly didn't get noticed until a few geese had been spooked from the loud noises and flashing lights. More chaos ensued, and students had bursted out of the building slipping on the wet concrete paths, and many had their expensive suits or dresses smothered in geese shit. Another thunderstorm had occured, and lightning struck a large tree nearby the building. Said tree fell, and the whole school had been in flames.

The next morning, the remaining geese flew off, until they landed onto an empty plot of land. There, the geese, including YOURBOUR himself, had been shot by hunters.

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