Zorro was a Coyote that lived in Miami. He had an odd habit of sneaking into bars and stealing food as well as getting intoxicated, probably inherited from his parents: Zea and Loboduke. He evaded Animal Control multiple times as well as ate tons of pork and buffalo wings. Then the Coyote entered a local zoo, unfortunately at the same time as when Rueben and Swine where inside causing chaos. The Coyote urinated in shock when Rueben charged at Zorro, causing both to fall into the tiger enclosure. The cats mauled both animals. When they stopped Rueben gored Zorro and after the Coyote escaped, Swine rammed the canine. Feces was thrown into the zoo but Zorro was able to escape.

Then Zorro entered a restaurant and raided it for food but after he left Animal Control grabbed this number 4 public menace and placed him in a cage inside a truck. Unfortunately the Animal Control vehicle ran over a lady that was being mobbed by birds and the truck slid into the woods. The driver was then eaten by a python and Zorro starved to death.